NEW Mini Skimmer RS Oil Skimmer with On/Off Switch



How we view the world of oil skimmers

Mini-Skimmer Oil Skimmers Description & Uses

Mini-Skimmers are belt oil skimmers that are extremely durable. The most reliable belt skimmer on the market, Mini-Skimmer boasts a 1" wide belt that collects up to 1 gallon of oil per hour. Mini-Skimmer is perfect as a coolant skimmer in a machine shop, or as an add-on to industrial ultrasonic cleaners or parts washers.

Maxi-Skimmer Oil Skimmers Description & Uses

Maxi-Skimmers are heavy duty and reliable belt oil skimmers. Maxi-Skimmer belt oil skimmers come with belts with widths of 1", 2", or 4" that can collect up to 20 gallons of oil per hour. The Maxi-Skimmer is perfect as a coolant skimmer on central coolant tanks, for use in wastewater remediation, or for use down monitor wells.

MINI-SKIMMERS & MAXI-SKIMMERS, industrial oil skimmers used throughout the world since 1989, are the MOST RELIABLE oil skimmers on the market! Mini-Skimmers and Maxi-Skimmers will last you upwards of a decade, cleaning your coolant or wastewater longer than you’ll believe! We loving hearing customers that return after 10+ years to replace their Mini-Skimmer or Maxi-Skimmer. This customer called us in 2014 to replace a Mini-Skimmer bought in 1997 (17 years in use!). Calls like this are evidence that we have served our customers well. All of our oil skimmers are wise, long-term investments for you and your shop. Click the buttons below for more information on all types of oil skimmers including floating oil skimmers and more!


Cogged Belt

Mini Skimmer Oil Skimmers with Cogged Polyurethane Belts

  • Best Selling Oil Skimmer!
  • Perfect for CNC Machine Sumps

SS Belt

Mini Skimmer Oil Skimmers with Stainless Steel Belts

  • For Harsh Environments!
  • Hot (220F), Acidic, or Caustic Sumps

Flat Belt

Mini Skimmer Oil Skimmers with Flat Polyurethane Belts

  • Economy Belt Oil Skimmer
  • Extra-Long Belts Available


Maxi-Skimmer SSP/2 Oil Skimmers with Stainless Steel Belt

  • Wide Belts!
  • Collects Up To 6 Gal/Hr


Maxi-Skimmer SSV/5 Variable Speed Oil Skimmers with Polyurethane Belt

  • Variable Speed!
  • Collects Up To 20 Gal/Hr

OEM & International Mini-Skimmers

Cogged Belt OEM Mini-Skimmer Oil Skimmers

  • 220V/1/50Hz Available
  • Customizable!

Mini-Skimmer R.S.™

Mini Oil Skimmers for small cnc machine shops

  • For Small CNC Shops
  • On/Off Switch for Intermittent Use


Mini-Skimmer Tube Oil Skimmer

  • For Enclosed Sumps
  • Skims sideways!


  • DIRTY WASTEWATER! Oil Skimmers are necessary for cleaning oily wastewater. Dumping oily wastewater into a storm sewer can lead to a SIX-FIGURE fine and/or a not-so-short trip to your nearest correctional facility.
  • DIRTY COOLANT! Oil skimmers clean your CNC coolant, extending your machine's life and preventing smoke from accumulating in your shop.
  • INEFFICIENCY! Clean coolant is more efficient, cutting cycle times in addition to reducing wear and tear on cutting tools.
  • Increased Costs! Fines aside, skimming oil reduces direct operating costs, maintenance costs, disposal costs, and transportation costs. Recycling saves money!
  • Poor Working Conditions! An oily work environment can lead to skin and respiratory problems for your employees. An oil skimmer will prevent the work environment from being messy.