MACHINE SHOPS are our bread and butter.

We sell more MINI-SKIMMERS™ to machine shops than to any other market. CNC Machines are the perfect place for our durable oil skimmers. Sold by Wayne Products since 1989, Mini-Skimmers™ are compact machine shop oil skimmers - perfect for tramp oils accumulating in any CNC machine sump tank.

As any CNC Machine operator knows, tramp oils are bad news and CNC oil skimmers are the solution. Tramp oil comes two primary sources: lubricating oil that protects raw bar stock from rusting and hydraulic oil leaks. It always winds up in your sump tank and reduces the efficacy of your coolant, which will eventually become so contaminated that it must be replaced. Disposal of this dirty coolant is expensive and burdensome. Mini-Skimmer oil skimmers for CNC machines pay for themselves quickly in coolant and tooling savings - a wise investment!

Mini-Skimmers are the perfect oil skimmer to remove tramp oils from your CNC sump tank. Whether you have a lathe, mill, or router, our oil skimmers will last you upwards of a decade, cleaning your coolant by removing unwanted tramp oils from your sump tank. This will improve the work conditions in your shop and preserve and extend the life of your tools. Like all of our products, Mini-Skimmers™ are stocked and ready to ship right away. Contact us today to request a quote.

The following are all Mini-Skimmers with Cogged Belts, but our Flat Polyurethane Belt Oil Skimmers are just as effective.

CNC Machine Cogged Belt


CNC Machine Cogged Belt on Mini-Skimmer


Mini Skimmer Oil Skimmer with Cogged Belt on CNC Machine


Mini Skimmer Oil Skimmer with Cogged Belt on CNC Machine Sump Tank