New Stand - SSV5

SSV/5 MAXI-SKIMMERS - Large Variable Speed Oil Skimmer

Our Model SSV/5 MAXI-SKIMMERS are for applications that require up to 20 gallons of oil collection per hour! It comes with a variable speed control, great for skimming applications where the collection rate varies frequently! More affordable than competitors with high collection rates and rugged enough to handle the toughest environments, SSV/5 is the perfect solution for your monitoring wells, central coolant systems, or wastewater treatment tanks!

SSV/5 Maxi-Skimmers are large oil skimmers made of stainless steel and lightweight polymers, so they are lightweight (only 7 lbs without belt), corrosion-proof, portable, and able to thrive in harsh or caustic environments!

Model SSV/5 comes with the same durable motor you can always expect on a Maxi-Skimmer, a stainless steel tail pulley, and a UHMW bearing-grade scraper to minimize wear on the belt, and a 3’ discharge hose!

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Belts for Model SSV/5 are available in two materials:

  • Stainless Steel: Available in reach lengths up to 10 feet!
  • Flat Polyurethane: Available in reach lengths up to 100 feet (or more - try us)!

SSV/5 comes standard with 4" Wide Belts in either material, but narrower belts are available for monitoring wells - call us for details.

If for some reason you need a belt that we do not have in stock, we’ll get it for you right away!


SSV/5 Maxi-Skimmer Model Numbers:

Reach (ft)4-Inch Wide Flat Poly4-Inch Wide SS
30950  30950X 
2 30951  30951X
3 30952 30952X
4 30953  30953X 
5 30954  30954X 
6 30955 30955X 
7 30956  30956X 
8 30957 30957X 
9 30958 30958X 
10 30959 30959X 
11 30960 30960X 
12 30961 30961X 
13 30962 30962X 
14 30963 30963X 
15 30964 30964X 
16 30965 30965X 
17 30966 30966X 
18 30967 30967X 
19 30968 30968X 
20 30969 30969X 
All Model SSV/5 units are STOCKED for SAME DAY SHIPPING.

It is how far Maxi-Skimmer REACHES down from where it is mounted.

  • SSV/5 has a small footprint and is cheaper than other skimmers with the same collection rate!
  • Comes with a convenient handle – SSV/5 is portable! Weighs just 7 lbs without belt!
  • Units with Stainless belts works in temperatures up to 300°F!
  • Stainless steel tail pulley with retainer chain
  • Easily mounts with simple nuts & bolts
  • Corrosion-Resistant, Glass-Filled Nylon Drive Pulleys
  • 10' Long (New Longer Cords!), 16 Gauge, Three-Prong Power Cord
  • One year manufacturing warranty – just in case!

SSV/5 can be customized with a STEEPCHUTE™ option for viscous, sticky oils!


Motor Specifications:

Max of 100 RPM Permanent Magnet DC Motors – the highest level of reliability
Powered by 115/1/60 cord that converts to 90VDC
1/30HP, 0.35 full load amps, TENV
Gears and extruded pinion conform to AGMA7 level quality. Gear ratio 32:1
13 in.-lb. of torque, 50 lb overhung load


Belt Specifications:

Stainless steel belts are 2.25” or 4” wide 301FH, fully hardened and able to function up to 800°F!!
Flat Polyurethane Belts are 2” or 4” wide with an ultimate tensile strength of 7,000 PSI.