Maxi Stainless Glamour

SSP/2 Maxi-Skimmers

Our Model SSP/2 MAXI SKIMMER Large Coolant Oil Skimmer are for applications that require up to 6 gallons of oil collection per hour! More affordable than our competition and rugged enough to handle the toughest environments, SSP/2 is the perfect solution for your central coolant system or wastewater treatment tank!

SSP/2 Maxi-Skimmer is made of stainless steel and lightweight polymers, so it is lightweight, corrosion-proof, portable, and able to thrive in harsh or caustic environments!

Model SSP/2 comes with the same durable motor you can always expect on a Maxi-Skimmer, a stainless steel tail pulley, and a UHMW bearing-grade scraper to minimize wear on the belt, and a 3’ discharge hose!

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Belts for Model SSP/2 are available in two materials:

  • Stainless Steel: available in widths of 2.25” or 4”. Available in reach lengths up to 10 feet!
  • Flat Polyurethane: available in widths of 2” or 4”. Available in reach lengths up to 100 feet!

If for some reason you need a belt that we do not have in stock, we’ll get it for you right away!


SSP/2 Maxi-Skimmers Model Numbers:

Reach (ft)2 Inch Wide Poly4 Inch Wide Poly2.25 Inch Wide Stainless4 Inch Wide Stainless
30701  30721  30690 30680 
2 30702  30722 30691 30681 
3 30703 30723 30692  30682 
4 30704  30724  30693 30683
5 30705  30725  30694  30684 
6 30706 30726  30695 30685
7 30707  30727  30696  30686 
8 30708 30728  30697 30687 
9 30709 30729  30698 30688 
10 30710 30730  30699 30689 

All Model SSP/2 units are STOCKED for SAME DAY SHIPPING.

It is how far Maxi-Skimmer REACHES down from where it is mounted.

  • SSP/2 is smaller than other skimmers with the same collection rate!
  • Comes with a convenient handle – SSP/2 is lightweight and portable!
  • PVC SplashGuard™ to prevent liquid intrusion!
  • Works in temperatures up to 300°F!
  • Stainless Steel Tail Pulley with retainer chain
  • Corrosion-Resistant, Glass-Filled Nylon Drive Pulleys
  • 10' Long (New Longer Cords!), 16 Gauge, Three-Prong Power Cord
  • Easily mounts with simple nuts & bolts!
  • One year manufacturing warranty – just in case!

Cut Sheet

Skimmers in Use - Coming Soon!

SSP/2 can be customized with a STEEPCHUTE™ option for viscous, sticky oils!


Motor Specifications:

30 RPM Permanent magnet synchronous motors – the highest level of reliability
Amp draw 0.055 (7 watts)
Gears and extruded pinion conform to AGMA7 level quality.
115V/1/60Hz is standard (220/1/50 and 220/1/60 also available)
64 oz.-in of torque


Belt Specifications:

Stainless Steel belts are 2.25” or 4” wide 301FH, fully hardened and able to function up to 800°F!!
Flat Polyurethane Belts are 2” or 4” wide with an ultimate tensile strength of 7,000 PSI.