Mini-Skimmer Stainless Oil Skimmer

Stainless Steel Belt Mini-Skimmers

Our MINI-SKIMMERS with Stainless Steel belts are for harsh industrial environments like chemical plants and machinery production. The most reliable Stainless Steel oil skimmer is great on an ultrasonic cleaner or in other parts washing applications, too!

If you will be using your Mini-Skimmer in hot, acidic, or alkaline fluids, go with a Stainless Mini-Skimmer!!

Model MSB-B comes with the same durable motor you can always expect on a Mini-Skimmer, a SS tail pulley than can handle the toughest environments, and a UHMW bearing-grade scraper to minimize wear on the belt. We have FOUR standard, stocked stainless steel belts – reach lengths of 8", 12", 18", or 24"!

Longer reach Stainless Steel belts (up to 10’ feet) are usually available for long reach applications! However, if for some reason you need a belt that we do not have in stock, we’ll get it for you right away! Contact us for more information.

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SS Belt Mini-Skimmers Model Numbers:

ReachMSB-B 10RPM (1 Qt/Hr)MSB-B 30RPM (1 Gal/Hr)
8" 37150  37151
12" 37160 37161
18" 37170  37171 
24" 37180  37181 

All Mini-Skimmer Stainless Steel oil skimmer Models are STOCKED for SAME DAY SHIPPING.

It is how far Mini-Skimmer REACHES down from where it is mounted.


Mini-Skimmer Drive Envelope Specs

  • Mini-Skimmer drive envelope is tiny and portable - Fits in the palm of your hand!
  • PVC Splashguard to prevent liquid intrusion!
  • Collects up to a gallon of oil per hour
  • Works in temperatures up to 220°F
  • SS tail pulley is secured with SS stabilizer bar – great for turbulent tanks!
  • Corrosion-Resistant, Glass-Filled Nylon Drive Pulley
  • 10' Long (New Longer Cords!), 16 Gauge, Three-Prong Power Cord
  • Easily mounts with two simple nuts & bolts (provided)
  • One year manufacturing warranty – just in case!


Motor Specifications:

Permanent magnet synchronous motors – the highest level of reliability
10RPM or 30RPM. Your choice. Same price!
Amp draw 0.055 (7 watts)
Gears and extruded pinion conform to AGMA7 level quality.
115V/1/60Hz is standard (220/1/50, 220/1/60, and 24VDC also available)
180 oz.-in of torque (10RPM) or 64 oz.-in of torque (30RPM)


Belt Specifications:

All belts are 301FH, fully hardened stainless steel that that can still function up to 800°F (Mini-Skimmer only recommended for temperatures up to 220°F)!!