About Mini-Skimmers

Cogged Belt


  • Best Seller!
  • Perfect for CNC Machine Sumps

SS Belt

Stainless Mini-Skimmer

  • For Harsh Environments!
  • Hot (220F), Acidic, or Caustic Sumps

Flat Belt

Poly Mini-Skimmer

  • Economy Belt
  • Extra-Long Belts Available

OEM & International Mini-Skimmers


  • 220V/1/50Hz Available
  • Customizable!

Drum Skimmer

Skinni-Mini Glamour

  • 2’ Reach Cogged Belt
  • For 55-Gal Drums


  • For Enclosed Sumps
  • Skims sideways!

MINI-SKIMMERS, used throughout the world since 1989, are the MOST RELIABLE coolant skimmers on the market! Mini-Skimmers will last you upwards of a decade, cleaning your coolant or wastewater longer than you’ll believe! We loving hearing customers that return after 10+ years to replace their Mini-Skimmer. This customer called us in 2014 to replace a Mini-Skimmer bought in 1997 (that's 17 years in use!). Calls like this are evidence that we have served our customers well.



  • Clean your coolant! Dirty coolant reduces the life of your cutting tool and can cause smoke to accumulate in your shop.
  • Clean your wastewater! Parts Washers and Ultrasonic Cleaners produce dirty wastewater that must be skimmed before disposal.
  • Increase your CNC machine’s life! Dirty coolant is less efficient and can cause added wear and tear to cutting tools.
  • Reduce costs! Dirty wastewater is expensive to dispose of and can lead to fines for dumping! Recycling coolant saves money.
  • Improve worker safety! An oily work environment can lead to skin and respiratory problems for your employees.


All Mini-Skimmers include:

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motors with the highest level of reliability.
  • Hobbed steel gears and extruded pinion for the ultimate level of durability.
  • A TINY, PORTABLE drive envelope – fits in the palm of your hand!
  • One year manufacturing warranty – just in case.
  • Friendly technical support and customer service – call us any time. We’re there for you.


Mini-Skimmers come with one of three belt types for any application!

We also manufacture custom Mini-Skimmers specifically for your OEM application and can outfit them with 220VAC motors for international use! We also can customize with 12/24VDC motors, custom cord lengths, custom belt lengths and widths, and more! Call us for more information.


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